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Eng Chye is one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in Australia who is able to perform his magic and illusion for all occasions including award nights, cocktail parties, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions, gala dinners, product launches, special events, trade shows and he also presents a unique corporate team building experience for organisations.

Whether you'd like to entertain 10, 100 or 1,000 guests, Eng Chye can help you by customising a close-up magic show or stage magic show for your next event.

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event with world class magic that will help to create a light hearted and fun atmosphere by getting everyone laughing and smiling giving them something to talk about together with an experience that they'll remember forever.

Eng Chye entertaining some of the guests at a cocktail party for the Rio Tinto WA Future Fund held at the Scitech Discovery Centre in West Perth.


Eng Chye entertaining some of the guests at a Christmas cocktail party for Hollywood Private Hospital and Ramsay Health Care held at the Perth Concert Hall in Perth.


Eng Chye entertaining some of the guests at an awards night for the Master Builders Association of Western Australia at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle in Fremantle.


Eng Chye entertaining 500 guests at the gala dinner for the International Water Association's Asia Pacific Regional Group Conference & Exhibition held at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.

For this effect, Eng Chye is about to predict a phone number that an audience member is going to select out of the thousands of advertisements from the Yellow Pages.


Eng Chye performing his close-up magic on the big screen for gala dinners.

His close-up magic is performed on stage but is filmed by camera men and projected onto large screens during his stage magic shows so that everyone can enjoy the magic at the same time.


Eng Chye on set with George Negus Tonight's host George Negus at the ABC television studios in Melbourne who said "That's impressive!... That's impressive!...".


Eng Chye with George Negus Tonight's make up artist Sue in the Make Up Room at the ABC television studios in Melbourne.


Eng Chye with George Negus Tonight's co-ordinator Anika in the Green Room at the ABC television studios in Melbourne.


Eng Chye spending time with David Copperfield after one of his shows - Journey of a Lifetime.


Close-up magic

With close-up magic, your guests or clients will be treated to their very own show where the magic is very intimate and very interactive where the magic happens to people and with people.

Close-up magic can be performed as walk around magic where Eng Chye can mix and mingle amongst your guests performing for small groups of people at a time or it can be performed from table to table in a seated environment.

What Eng Chye accomplishes close-up is simply incredible. Imagine experiencing...

Rubber bands mysteriously melting through one another.

How card sharks and card sharps cheat at cards where someone's signed playing card appears in the most amazing places.

A $10 note being transformed into a $100 note.

How with just a little magic and a little imagination a mixed up Rubik's Cube is solved in only one second.

An amazing illusion where an audience member is asked to hold a mixed up Rubik's Cube behind their back and to turn it around and to visualise it slowly solving by itself and when they bring the Rubik's Cube out so that everyone can see it the Rubik's Cube is now completely solved.

"Your contribution to the evening ensured it was a huge success... our guests' attention was totally captivated throughout the entire performance of magical illusions... the atmosphere you created was that of pure fascination and enthralment..."
General Manager Operations, TNT Express

"Thank you for the excellent performance... making a successful and enjoyable evening for all..."
Chief Executive - Iron Ore, Rio Tinto

"Outstanding... very impressed with your manner and warmth, but also with your amazing talent... ensuring a successful and fantastic evening for all..."
Membership Manager, Australian Institute of Management

Ideal for award nights, cocktail parties, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions, gala dinners, product launches, special events, team building events and trade shows.

Stage magic

Stage magic is a unique blend of magic, illusion and audience participation and is able to be performed for a large group of people so that your guests or clients can enjoy the magic at the same time.

With the stage magic show, everyone gets involved whether it be individual audience members up on stage or the audience as a whole. Imagine experiencing...

A funny routine with an audience member where their $100 note is magically changed into a $10 note.

A comical routine where an audience member's thoughts are revealed not once but three times.

A funny game show style routine filled with "Oohs" and "Aahs" where a $100 note is borrowed from an audience member who writes their name across the face of it so they'll recognise it later. The audience member is then given a chance at winning tens upon thousands of dollars worth of prizes including a sports car, a diamond ring, $10,000 in cash, a computer system and a Hawaiin vacation. However, their $100 note magically disappears and they end up winning a lemon. When the lemon is sliced open, the audience member's bill is found inside which has their signature on it.

"Brilliant... fantastic... everyone was totally astounded by both your close-up magic and your stage performance... had us all mesmerised... and had us all laughing... great audience participation..."
Western Australian President and National President, National Speakers Association of Australia

"I've been delighted with the performance... it was enthralling... it was engaging... it captured the audience's attention... it was lively... it had audience participation... and it went down extremely well..."
, Australian Water Association for Western Australia

"One week on and clients and staff were still amazed at the many illusions... both in individual groups and on stage... left us in absolute awe!... such a memorable and very successful event... the most outstanding... a fact which was confirmed by the comments to me from many of the guests..."
Managing Director, Echo Newspaper

"Enthralled by the stage show at the gala dinner... the performance was very entertaining... and very professionally presented..."
Field Consultant, Subway

Ideal for award nights, conferences, corporate events, gala dinners and special events.





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