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Mona Lisa Magician

For hundreds of years people have been fascinated by the Mona Lisa which was painted by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci sometime during the early 1500s. Truly priceless the Mona Lisa can't be bought or sold and has even been featured in Hollywood movies such as The Da Vinci Code.

Now, for larger events and stage shows Eng Chye can also perform The Mona Lisa a masterpiece of magic fit for royalty.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle of one of the most famous paintings in the world, that of the Mona Lisa, in a beautiful gold frame on a painting easel up on stage complete except for one missing piece. An audience member is then invited up onto the stage to hold onto a see through bag of jigsaw puzzle pieces and to verify that they're all different. The audience member is then asked to choose a piece of the jigsaw puzzle from the see through bag deciding whether to keep it or to put it back into the bag. The piece that the audience member chooses and decides to keep is then carefully inserted into the only remaining space in the jigsaw puzzle and is seen to be a perfect match.

Simply amazing and you'll have to look out for The Mona Lisa at one of Eng Chye's stage magic shows.

Amaze, engage and inspire your guests and open their minds to a world where anything might just be possible.

"Brilliant... fantastic... everyone was totally astounded by both your close-up magic and your stage performance... had us all mesmerised... and had us all laughing... great audience participation..."
Western Australian President and National President, National Speakers Association of Australia

"I've been delighted with the performance... it was enthralling... it was engaging... it captured the audience's attention... it was lively... it had audience participation... and it went down extremely well..."
, Australian Water Association for Western Australia

"One week on and clients and staff were still amazed at the many illusions... both in individual groups and on stage... left us in absolute awe!... such a memorable and very successful event... the most outstanding... a fact which was confirmed by the comments to me from many of the guests..."
Managing Director, Echo Newspaper

"Enthralled by the stage show at the gala dinner... the performance was very entertaining... and very professionally presented..."
Field Consultant, Subway

Ideal for award nights, conferences, corporate events, gala dinners and special events.

Whether you'd like to entertain 10, 100 or 1,000 guests, Eng Chye can help you by customising a stage magic show for your next event.

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event with world class magic that will help to create a light hearted and fun atmosphere by getting everyone laughing and smiling giving them something to talk about together with an experience that they'll remember forever.




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