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Rubik's Cube Magician

Eng Chye has taken the Rubik's Cube which was invented by Erno Rubik a Hungarian in the mid 1970s and which has sold more than 350 million making it the best selling toy of all time and included some brand new interactive Rubik's Cube magic into his close-up magic and stage magic shows.

Eng Chye starts the illusion by showing the audience how to solve a Rubik's Cube and maybe even inspiring some of them to learn how to solve it.

He then shows the audience how with just a little magic and a little imagination he can solve a mixed up Rubik's Cube in only one second.

He then asks an audience member to mix up a Rubik's Cube and to cover it up in their hands whilst he mixes up another Rubik's Cube and he then shows them a new way of solving a Rubik's Cube as all the sides on his Rubik's Cube now matches all the sides on their Rubik's Cube.

Finally, he asks an audience member to hold a mixed up Rubik's Cube behind their back and to turn it around and to visualise it slowly solving by itself and when they bring the Rubik's Cube out so that everyone can see it the Rubik's Cube is now completely solved.

For larger events and stage shows Eng Chye can also perform The Mona Lisa a masterpiece of magic fit for royalty. Imagine an elegant black frame up on stage capable of holding Rubik's Cubes together with 20 Rubik's Cubes beside it. An audience member is then invited up onto the stage to mix up all of the Rubik's Cubes and to decide which position in the black frame they'd like to put them into. Once this is done the black frame is then carefully turned around to show that the audience member has somehow created a Rubik's Cube art image of the Mona Lisa one of the most famous paintings in the world.

In addition to the Mona Lisa another favourite Rubik's Cube art image that the audience member is able to create is that of the character Mario from the Super Mario Brothers the most recognisable character from a video game.

Simply amazing and you'll have to look out for the Rubik's Cube magic at one of Eng Chye's close-up magic or stage magic shows.

"Thank you again... it was such a wonderful evening and I have had so many people comment on how fantastic your performance throughout the evening was... the highlight was the Rubik's Cube magic, the look of utter amazement on our Managing Director's face was priceless, and the room was buzzing with everyone talking about this illusion... as the organiser of the event I would like to personally express my sincere thanks and appreciation, you were discreet and subtle and had such a big impact on our guests... your performance added to the success of our Christmas dinner... I found you extremely professional, a very polished performer and amazingly entertaining... I would highly recommend you to any company wanting to add value to their special event..."
Executive Assistant, Toyota

"Thank you for the excellent performance... making a successful and enjoyable evening for all..."
Chief Executive - Iron Ore, Rio Tinto

"Outstanding... very impressed with your manner and warmth, but also with your amazing talent... ensuring a successful and fantastic evening for all..."
Membership Manager, Australian Institute of Management

"Your contribution to the evening ensured it was a huge success... our guests' attention was totally captivated throughout the entire performance of magical illusions... the atmosphere you created was that of pure fascination and enthralment..."
General Manager Operations, TNT Express

Ideal for award nights, cocktail parties, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions, gala dinners, private parties, product launches, special events, team building sessions and trade shows.

Whether you'd like to entertain 10, 100 or 1,000 guests, Eng Chye can help you by customising a close-up magic show or stage magic show for your next event.

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event with world class magic that will help to create a light hearted and fun atmosphere by getting everyone laughing and smiling giving them something to talk about together with an experience that they'll remember forever.



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