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Are you looking for some entertainment for your wedding reception? Why not add a touch of magic with a wedding magician and make your special day a truly magical one?

As a magician and illusionist, Eng Chye has spent his life collecting and keeping secrets allowing him to put together a timeless collection of magic which he loves to share with people.

Eng Chye's magic is very light hearted and fun but presented in a refined and elegant manner letting people experience what it was like when magicians and illusionists were celebrities of the highest order and to be able to experience the entertainment of royalty.

Having said the above Eng Chye's true passion is to be able to touch the hearts and minds of the people he performs for and to bring back that sense of wonder they experienced as a child where you'll be able to hear gasps of amazement and laughter.

Whether you'd like to entertain 10, 100 or 1,000 guests, Eng Chye can help you by customising a magic show for your wedding reception.

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding reception with world class magic that will help to create a light hearted and fun atmosphere by getting everyone laughing and smiling giving them something to talk about together with an experience that they'll remember forever.

Wedding entertainment

With close-up magic, your guests will be treated to their very own show where the magic is very intimate and very interactive where the magic happens to people and with people.

Entertain the guests at your wedding reception with some amazing close-up magic and make your wedding a truly magical one.

Close-up magic can be performed as walk around magic where Eng Chye can mix and mingle amongst your guests performing for small groups of people at a time or it can be performed from table to table in a seated environment so it's ideal for a cocktail wedding reception or a formal dinner wedding reception.

Eng Chye will also create a special piece of magic for the bride and groom which they'll be able to keep in their wedding album.

"Thank you so much for performing at our wedding... you were such a delight to have... your magic was absolutely amazing... guests are still raving about your performances and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others... I was very impressed with your professionalism when it comes to communication in regards to finding exactly what we were expecting from you... again, you have my sincere thanks for making our special day truly magical..."
Becki - Bride, Wedding reception

"I wanted to make the most of our wedding day... I immediately contacted Eng Chye to entertain our guests at our wedding reception... what a fantastic idea that was... Eng Chye mingled with our guests and surprised them with his close-up magic... I would highly encourage anyone, who is looking to make the evening a memorable one to put magic on the menu..."
Ron - Groom, Wedding reception

"Performing close-up magic to small groups of attendees and exhibitors at the event... we could tell exactly where he was in the venue by the gasps of astonishment and the giggles we could hear throughout the day... people could not believe their eyes and loved being included in the illusions - Eng Chye's act was very popular..."
Angela & Leah - Event Organisers, FIRST COMES LOVE Bridal Fair

West Weekend Magazine - The West Australian

"That's impressive... That's impressive..."
George Negus - Host, George Negus Tonight

Why choose a magician as wedding entertainment?

Magic can be used to entertain your guests during a cocktail wedding reception or a formal dinner wedding reception whilst you're attending to the evening's formalities.

Magic can help to keep your guests entertained whilst you're having your wedding photos taken.

Magic can help to make your wedding unique and even more memorable giving your guests something to talk about together with an experience that they'll remember forever.

Magic can help to bring people together.

Magic appeals to people of all ages.

Some interesting facts about wedding entertainment

81% of guests say that the thing they remember the most about a wedding is the entertainment.

78% of brides say that they should've made wedding entertainment their highest priority.

72% of brides say that they should've spent more time choosing their wedding entertainment.

Almost 100% of couples say that they should've spent more of their budget on the wedding entertainment.

Source - St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine


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